Few things on the road are more deadly than commercial semi trucks. Their size contributes to large blind spots and makes it difficult to brake quickly; they can do enormous damage to smaller vehicles and even buildings.

But a truck's size isn't the only thing that makes a truck accident different from other motor vehicle accidents. Trucks are protected by commercial insurance, usually paid for by a large corporation. That means that responsibility for an accident is more complicated when a truck is involved, and it may be possible to claim greater financial compensation.

At The Law Offices of Saggese & Associates, we will help you understand the legal context behind your accident. We'll design a legal strategy tailored to obtain maximum compensation from the responsible company, and we'll keep you up to date from the start of your case until its conclusion so that you can make informed decisions.

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Because commercial truck insurance is more complex than private car insurance, it's important to work with an experienced attorney. Our firm has been representing personal injury victims in Nevada for two decades and counting — we can help you navigate the legal system confidently and effectively.

For smaller commercial vehicles, such as delivery trucks and vans, see our Commercial Vehicle Accidents page.

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