Having a criminal conviction on your record can have a disastrous effect on your livelihood. For example, when applying for a job, citizenship or residency or a loan, or to purchase a firearm, a background check is generally conducted. If certain convictions are present on your record, you may be denied many opportunities. Even if you are not convicted of an offense, the presence of an arrest on your record is often sufficient to negatively influence many aspects of your life (particularly with respect to future interactions with the police). In the event that you are accused of a crime in Nevada, but not convicted, the attorneys at Saggese & Associates can immediately begin the process of sealing your record in order to protect you from any further frustration or embarrassment stemming from your arrest.

Even if you have been convicted of a crime, the attorneys at Saggese & Associates can still take steps to seal your record after a statutory waiting period has passed. Pursuant to NRS 179.245, you may apply to seal your record after the following amount has time has passed since your case was closed:

  • Misdemeanor convictions (except for battery / domestic violence and DUI): 2 years.
  • Misdemeanor DUI or battery / domestic violence convictions: 7 years.
  • Gross misdemeanors conviction: 7 years.
  • Category E felonies: 7 years.
  • Category C or D felonies: 12 years.
  • Category A or B felonies: 15 years.

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